Rain Contain™

Flat, vertical storage tanks for captured rainwater.
Capturing rainwater into barrels makes it difficult beyond 50 gallons, and the water is hard to use if it's not connected to the irrigation system.
Can be fit to side of house, connected together to form larger amounts of storage, and connected to irrigation systems. Pressurizing the system means you don't have to disconnect the irrigation system from the main water supply to make use of the captured rainwater.
1. What is the capacity of these tanks?
2. This looks great. I like how they're tall and skinny.
3. Great idea. I also like there's a clear section to see how much water you have left. If this unit needs to be bolted on the wall, might want to make sure that the wall is strong enough. Or provide additional based to support the weight. Also, need to make sure the water that get in between the unit and the wall won't end up causing a rot or mold.
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